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FalconEye offers two speed options to suite your needs.

All VPS / Bare Metal | 1Gbps - Unmetered Shared | 12Tbps DDoS Protected Global Network (
Critical applications and game servers should be protected behind our 1Gbps Unmetered 12Tbps DDoS Protection powered by Firewall rules are managed through our myFalcon Firewall Manager in our Client Area. Please see our various Knowledgebase Articles in the myFalcon Firewall Manager section on how to manage your DDoS Protected IPs. FalconEye creates an ALLOW ALL rule will all newly created services to ensure traffic flows properly in and out of your server. When it's time, configure the firewall rules to lock down to specific game and application ports. Apply custom Layer 3-7 filters to ensure optimal DDoS protection.

Bare Metal | 10Gbps - Unmetered Shared - Limited DDoS Protection
Private development environments can thrive on 10GigE raw speed, along with private databases and proxy cache servers. Select this option during checkout if your services do not require DDoS protection, select the 10Gbps option when purchasing a dedicated server from us. We offer a free Server Firewall installed at no extra cost on our Bare Metal servers. This offers simplified management of IPTables directly through a web interface. Select this option during checkout and our team will complete installation after you order has been fully activated.

We can supply custom Anti-DDoS protection up to 10GigE on our VPS and Bare Metal product line. Please contact our Sales Team to learn more about how we can assist in providing best-in-class service to your team. 

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